Check our packages page before making a selection here

    Thanks for expressing an interest in our products and services. I would strongly recommend visiting our Packages page. There you will be able to find information and prices for our different sizes + extras which you will be able to add to your enquiry on this form. When ticking the ‘I’m interested in a particular tent button’ you will expand a menu where you will be able to tick which package you are interested in. The packages page is also the perfect place to work out which size tent might be the most appropriate for you. To be able to reply to you with an accurate quote we will need as many info as possible from you. The most important info being: number of guests, how many seated guests, how many standing guests, type of event, a postcode (as we can’t tell you how much delivery cost will be without this info) and lastly a date for the event. Bear in mind that all the packages on offer can be tweaked and adjusted to suit your needs. Just select the right package for you then let us know in your message if you want to add or remove anything from the package, thank you.

    You can contact us by using this form or alternatively:


    Or if you prefer to talk to someone you can call Alex on: 07533001780